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Kristina Perry NTP

Nutrition therapy brings the body back into balance using nutrient dense, properly prepared, whole foods. Eating whole foods, in the right amounts for your body, is the foundation of good health. The body is a complex system, using nutritional therapy techniques, I can identify areas of deficiencies and sufficiencies that need to be addressed. We will create a personalize nutritional plan that will address your specific needs.

As a Nutritional Therapist, not only can make recommendations about your diet but I have an extra set of tools to help personalize your health protocol. Nutritional Therapy is unique in that I can use the Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire to give me more specific information from questions that you will answer concerning each body system. I can also use the Functional Evaluation as another assessment tool using pressure points on the body to see what to address first in your nutritional protocol. Additionally, we can use lingual-neuro testing to see what your body is deficient or sufficient in.

I am excited to work with you on how to make healthy choices easy for your busy lifestyle. Knowing what changes to make can be daunting with all of the differing information available. I am ready to give you the support that you need to navigate your personal health issues and walk you through these changes at your pace. My goal is to help you make lasting changes easily and successfully.

Your nutritional consultations can be on the phone, Skype or in person. The functional evaluation is the only appointment that needs to be in-person. Together we will work through those stubborn health concerns and bring your body back into balance with increased energy and vitality. This is what I have done and I want to show you that you can do it too!

Nutritional Therapy can help with issues like:

Adrenal Fatigue
Blood Sugar Regulation
Digestive Distress
Leaky Gut
Food Allergies
Weight Loss
Mineral Status
And many more!

Contact me for a Free Initial 30 min phone Consultation


Nutritional Counseling

Customize your nutritional counseling services. Contact me for your free 30 minute phone consultation so we can see what approach is best for your journey to wellness. We can talk about issues that you are experiencing and find some first steps to take. I love to talk about meal planning made easy, find some quick and easy recipes and pantry makeovers.

Health History Intake and Food Journal Review

1 hour appointment with health history and food journal evaluation, follow up with personalized dietary recommendations.

In-person Functional Evaluation with Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire

The functional evaluation is approximately two hours, follow up with personalized dietary protocol with targeted supplementation and/or dietary recommendations.

The Nutritional Questionnaire is a detailed questionnaire to be filled out prior to your appointment for me to review and give recommendations based on your responses. The software gives detailed nutritional recommendations printouts, with mineral and vitamin deficiencies. The nutritional assessment and the functional evaluation together, can dial in the most specific nutritional recommendations for you.

Combo Health History, Food Journal Assessment, Functional Evaluation and Nutritional Assessment

One, 1 hour appointment for Health History and Food Journal Assessment.
One, 2 hour appointment for Functional Evaluation and Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire Appointment, follow up with personalized dietary protocol with targeted supplementation and/or dietary recommendations.

With his combination package, we can get your started on a very detailed protocol for you to begin your journey toward wellness. It includes, specific daily dietary recommendations from your food journal, functional evaluation and nutritional assessment with nutritional printouts with detailed recommended as detailed above. I will also do a follow up 30 minute phone check-in.

Recommended Three Month Wellness Plan

Choosing the three month plan will allow us to make sure you are getting the results that you want. This will give me the opportunity to support you over time so you can see real progress and we can adjust your protocol as you see improvements.


In person Healthy History Review and Food Journal Assessment appointment
with dietary recommendations.
In-person Functional Evaluation appointment w/
Nuero-Lingual Testing and targeted supplementation recommendations
Follow up and Re-Evaluate with in-person Functional Evaluation appointment w/
Nuero-Lingual Testing and targeted supplementation adjustments
Three 30 min follow up phone consultations.

Restart Classes

The 5-week RESTART program is a simple and powerful group class that will educate you on the basics of taking care of your body and set you up for an easy to follow detox.
The 3-week sugar detox focuses on how to use REAL FOOD to boost your energy and cut sugar and carb cravings. Working in a group is motivating, helps keep you on track and gives you the support you need to succeed. Discover how good you can feel!
Classes starting in September.

$150 to sign up for Restart Class
Enroll with a friend for $99

Host a party at your home or office for 5-10 of your friends and your enrollment is free!

*Are you ready to get started right away? Contact me and we can work on some dates that work for you and your friends.

$60/per hour other services:
Pantry Makeover
Grocery Store Tour
Recipe Makeover
Tips and Tricks to make Meal Planning Easy
Whole food desserts you and your family will love
Contact me to see if I can accommodate your special need.

Additional Follow up 30 minute Phone Consultations $25 if you signed up with any service.

Visa/Mastercard also accepted

Please contact me with any questions: