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Kristina Perry NTP

I am a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), certified by the Nutritional Therapy Association. My practice is located in beautiful Portland, Oregon. I am passionate about the process of personal transformation through lifestyle choices like eating local whole foods, using positive visualization/mindfulness and moving the body to create total wellness.

My journey as a Nutritional Therapist helped me to find solutions to my own health issues that other health care professionals had over looked. After the birth of my daughter I discovered that my severe fatigue was not just being a new Mom but because I had developed hypothyroidism. What had not been addressed was the symptoms of hypoglycemia because my blood work was still in the normal range.

This is where Nutritional Therapy helped me observe the signs and symptoms to create wellness before my blood sugar regulation problems worsened. I went from feeling exhausted every day to knowing how to regulate my blood sugar to have sustained energy throughout the day and feel great!

I have learned what foods are the foundation of real health and acknowledge the ratio of macronutrients are unique to everyone's bio-individuality. Knowing how to support digestion, eating vibrant whole foods, taking care of my body through exercise and taking time to feed my spirit are the ingredients for the path to wellness.

Liv & Lotus Fiber Arts has been my passion to create one of a kind garments by transforming reclaimed and natural fibers to make beautiful garments to nurture the soul since 2005. Combining my creative passions for making art, knitting, cooking whole foods, preparing healthy raw foods, gluten-free cooking, paleo cooking, mindfulness, zumba, circuit training and gardening keep me happy and when Mom is happy, everyone is happy!

Please contact me for your free 30 minute initial phone consultation and see how nutritional therapy can help you resolve your health issues,